Our Principles

We call on McDaniel College to respect our dedication to our students, our commitment to our profession, and the core values of the McDaniel community, by adopting the following principles affecting the status of adjunct faculty:

-Job security for part-time faculty, which is essential to the provision of teaching excellence, as well as to the maintenance of academic freedom.

-Compensation that equitably reflects the value of our teaching in the classroom, our scholarly credentials and expertise.

-Protection against unfair dismissal or discipline through a transparent, clearly delineated grievance and arbitration procedure.

-Proportional access to benefits, including health care and retirement benefits, which are already enjoyed by other employees and faculty,

-An established and clarified role in governance and decision-making concerning our work at this institution, and the quality of life and learning at McDaniel generally, through productive and responsive collaboration with administrators, full-time faculty, other staff, and students. 

-Institutional respect and support for continuing professional development, including scholarly research and artistic activity, as well as office space and supplies that are core to our work

Together we make a difference!