June 6, 2016

Dear fellow McDaniel adjunct faculty,

We are thrilled to announce that we have voted by a majority of 82 to 36 to have the Service Employees International Union Local 500—Coalition of Academic Labor represent us in our relationship with McDaniel College!  This is a major victory for us in our effort to have the college recognize us as full members of the McDaniel community.

We adjuncts will soon negotiate a contract with the McDaniel administration and hope for a positive, collaborative process to improve teaching and learning conditions.  We will be seeking improvements in  job security, compensation, professional development resources, evaluation procedures, and other aspects of our employment at McDaniel.  In general, we will continue to fight for respect and the right to full participation in the educatation of our students.  Students first!

Just as winning the right to representation depended on all of us as a group, building the agenda of issues to improve teaching and learning conditions at McDaniel requires input from as many of us as possible.  To that end, we will very soon schedule conference calls and meetings and set up additional ways to gather everyone’s ideas about what we need and want.

But you don’t have to wait to hear from us.  Write to us at with your ideas and questions.  

In solidarity,

The McDaniel Adjunct Organizing Committee

Bob Seidel, Philosophy 

Pamela Zappardino, Graduate and Professional Studies and others

Martha Lang, Philosophy

Julia Lau

Adam Schneider, Philosophy and Social Work 

Charles Collyer, Graduate and Professional Studies